Shaw is Western Canada’s largest telecommunications provider and the second largest provider nationally. Currently they offer cable and satellite TV, Internet and phone service to over 3.3 million customers. That's a lot of people for a beautiful country with not a lot of people in it.

For its launch campaign, we say hello to Beam: the official spokesbot of Shaw Direct satellite TV.

 *Fun Fact: I helped conceptualize and design the entire Bot Animation World you're about to see, alongside our amazing friends over at LAIKA.




Client: Shaw Communications
Agency: Rethink
Year: 2013

Executive Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Creative Director: Rob Tarry
Art Director: Felipe Mollica
Copywriter: Morgan Tierney
Account Manager: Glen Chalcraft
Broadcast Producer: Laura Rioux, Carla Olson
Animation House: Laika House
Animation Director: Aaron Sorenson