Working on Pink Shirt Day — the national day to end bullying — was a big deal to me. I've come a long way from my years of playing with dinosaurs and the occasional Barbie, so I get the struggle many kids face daily in regards to being bullied.

We approached Pink Shirt Day by focusing on the insight that hurt people hurt people. By shifting the focus from the bullied to the bullies themselves, we took a hard look at the motivation behind bullying with a PSA.

Another part of the campaign was #PinkItForward. This hashtag initiative helped us turn the Internet positive for one day, resulting in a 50% increase in donations from the previous year.

Lotus / Silver / TV / 2015
Lotus / Bronze / Social Media/ #PinkItForward / 2015


A nationwide print campaign reminded everyone to buy a t-shirt leading up to the event.





Client: CKNW Pink Shirt Day
Agency: Rethink
Year: 2015

Executive Creative Director: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Creative Director: Rob Tarry
Art Director: Felipe Mollica
Copywriter: Darien Campbell
Illustrator: Felipe Mollica
Account Manager: Marjo Durand, Chelsea Stoelting
Digital Strategist: Darren Yada
Content Strategist: Leah Gregg
Editor: Megan Bodaly
Print Producer: Kerry Banghu, Cary Emley, Sue Wilkinson
Photographer: Jens Kristian Balle
Broadcast Producer: Laura Rioux, David Fraser-Winsby
Production Company: Spy Films / Washington Square Films
Director: Paul Iannacchino
Executive Producers: Jonathan Schwartz, Carlo Trulli, Marni Luftspring
Director of Photography: Sean Donnelly
Line Producer: Todd Morris
Post Production House: Cycle Media
Editors: Rob Doucet
Audio House: Wave Productions
Audio Producer: Megan Hughes, John Pearson