Where there is sport, there are trophies. They’re the result of unbelievable hard work and commitment. But in a cluttered world of sports advertising, we wanted MET-Rx to take stand against something that hasn't been said before: FUCK TROPHIES. 

Featured in: Creativity / / Sports Illustrated / USA Today / Men's Fitness / Yahoo Sports


It only made sense to feature an athlete who was about to go into the next level of his career.
So we partnered up with Leonard Fournette, a former LSU Running Back who was going into the 2017 NFL Draft:


To show where Fournette's priorities were, we destroyed some of his dusty old relics in eye-catching, spectacular slow-motion to show they are for things that already happened anyway. For elite athletes, next matters more than trophies and is indeed greater than gold.

Naturally, the campaign broke on the day of the 2017 NFL Draft:


As part of phase 2, we teamed up with innovation studio Deep Local to melt and transform Fournette’s hard-earned trophies into something way more bad-ass and useful than a plastic figurine that just sits on a shelf and collects dust – a present that was gifted to an underprivileged school in the city that drafted him: Jacksonville, Florida


As Leonard prepared for his next level in the NFL, these newly designed weights can now help the next generation of athletes to pursue and prepare for their "next". It was destruction, with a purpose. Check out how they cool they turned out:



Client: MET-Rx
Agency: Droga5
Year: 2017

Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Office: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Tim Gordon
Creative Director: Ryan Raab
Art Director: Felipe Mollica
Copywriter: Yahkeema Moffitt
Junior Art Director: Fatima Jafri
Junior Copywriter: Mitchell Quesada
Account Director: Alex Budenberg
Account Supervisor: Sara Fletcher
Associate Account Manager: Sean Tanner
Film Executive Producer: Tricia Lentini Himot
Senior Producer: Perry Kornblum
Interactive Executive Producer: Shayan Amir-Hosseini
Interactive Producer: Nicole Bazzinotti